Pure Potent WOW Lavender Essential Oil


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Pure Potent WOW is an absolute staple at Sprout, and is one of our best selling product lines. The Pure Potent WOW company focuses on the highest quality certified organic and wild essential oils and blends. At Sprout we have many different Pure Potent WOW products, such as: misters, roll-ons, hand sanitizers, balms, soaps and straight up essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Lavendula augustifolia

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Plant Part: Flower

Origin: Bulgaria

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Lavender Information & Uses

Today, lavender is the most popular and utilized basic oil on the planet. Old writings disclose to us that lavender basic oil has been utilized for therapeutic and religious purposes for more than 2,500 years. The Egyptians utilized it for preservation and as a scent. The Romans utilized it for showering, cooking and for scenting the air.

Today, lavender oil benefits your body by:

  • Diminishes nervousness and passionate anxiety
  • Recuperates consumes and wounds
  • Enhances rest
  • Reestablishes skin composition and diminishes skin break out
  • Moderates maturing with intense cancer prevention agents
  • Enhances skin inflammation and psoriasis
  • Reduces cerebral pains

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