32 Lakes Deadhead Dark coffee beans


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Our dark roast blend highlighting dark chocolate with smokey aromatics. This roast highlights the roast flavours, typical with a darker roast. 16oz (1 pound) bag.

See what Nicole has to say about this coffee.

32 Lakes was started in 2012 after Margot and Nathan Jantz moved from North Vancouver to Powell River, BC, bringing with them a growing interest in the specialty coffee scene. After an inspiring conversation with a local home coffee roaster in their new city, they soon began roasting for themselves.

After two years of roasting on their home machine, the decision was made to evolve their new roasting obsession into a business. With an amazing community supporting them, 32 Lakes soon found itself well established in the local market. They then began to expand sales down the coast to Roberts Creek and Vancouver, and across the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island.

During the roasting expansion, Margot and Nathan found themselves spending more and more time learning about coffee brewing. Between, brewing for themselves at home, serving drinks from their espresso trailer at the local farmers market, and training for brewing competitions, the inspiration to expand the business into their new obsession was spawned.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 x 7 x 19 cm

16oz, 454g


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