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At long last, Blueberry pre-orders!

Blueberry season is here at long last. In the last two years, the blueberries have come so early that mid-July feels late. Organic berries (and most produce) tend to come a bit after conventional.

Here at Sprout, our favorite variety of berries is the Duke. Duke berries are the sweet, large blues that are legendary to the Warkentins. These will be picked beginning next week.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for 20-pound cases. I will be basing my orders on what has been pre-sold. Unfortunately, I do not have the space to store excess berries.

⁃    Pre-orders will need to have a deposit of $20. We can take a credit card over the phone to secure your order.

⁃    We want you to have the freshest berries possible, so your order needs to be picked up within two days.

Please call the store to secure your blueberries today!


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