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Help build a better Sprout

Sprout Market will be turning six next month! The original vision and intention was to offer a store where you didn’t need to worry about checking a label to see if an item was organic; everything at Sprout is certified organic, pasture-raised/grass-fed, ethical, and local when possible. Supporting local artisans, producers, and farmers has always been the cornerstone of what we do.

I’ve tossed out sales reps who’ve challenged or mocked my choices (still see them at trade shows – awkward!). I stand firm in my beliefs and in my ethics. It is not the same to say something is non-GMO and local; we need to also remain vigilant about the harmful effects of pesticides and herbicides. We need to continue to support farmers who choose to protect our environment and our health at great cost.

Over the past six years, more stores have begun to offer organic products and produce. What once made us totally unique no longer does. Saving time and money has never been more important in our expensive city.

If you have a moment, please take the survey we’ve put together. We value your input in helping us shape the new and improved Sprout.

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