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Eat clean to beat Alzheimer’s

For years we have known the perils of processed foods. They’re highly refined, nutritionally devoid products that hardly resemble food anymore, wrapped in attractive packages to be consumed with ease everywhere. Recently, a largescale study confirmed what has long been suspected: that a 10% increase in consumption of highly processed foods resulted in a 12% increase in overall cancer events” http://(

Now scientists are sounding the alarm about the correlation between Alzheimers and processed foods. It was always widely accepted by the medical community that Alzheimers was a genetic outcome. But the truth is that less than 1% of Alzheimers cases are a result of genetic mutations.

The truth is that DNA isn’t destiny.

We all have relevant medical family histories. It stands to reason that if you are born to a family, you are raised in a shared environment and eat the same foods, and as such, your medical outcomes might be the same or similar. We control the environment in which our DNA bathes. If you eat a diet of fast foods and processed GMOs, your bath is going to be a bit murky!

For Alzheimer’s, as with cancer and other conditions like heart disease and diabetesmuch of the risk is related to behavioral and lifestyle factors. The consensus among scientists is that over one third of all Alzheimer’s cases could be prevented by improving our lifestyles. This includes improving cardiovascular fitness, keeping our brains intellectually stimulated and, perhaps most importantly of all, eating better.

Off to make a salad. To your health!

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