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New fun things


Fall. I love it. It’s my favorite season, and it’s when I can really focus on my beloved Sprout.

The picture is a taste of some new items in stock now. Just ordering some beautiful large S’well bottles to add to the line up. Stay tuned on more new products and categories coming soon.

And, for you dear clients who have moved away: our online store is operational and ready for your orders! No matter where you live, you can have a dose of Sprout. If there is an item you want, but we haven’t got online yet, just drop me a line and we can make it happen.

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Back at it!

It might be back to school season, but Mother Nature still thinks its summer. With the cold and wet spring, then smoke filled skies, farmers are finding that certain crops will be at least three weeks delayed.

We are still enjoying Martin Rothe’s beautiful biodynamic peaches and nectarines. They are going fast – and we still have a few cases up for grabs. His local apples might make an appearance by the last week of September or early October.

Olera Farms continues to deliver their beautiful, local crops, of salad mix, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, and piccalino cucumbers.

Welcome back to September everyone. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

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Back to reality, back to School

Sprout has all the latest eco wares to get your family back-to-school ready.

Locally made gogo Bags use a high grade, tight weave of cotton and provide you with a great alternative to plastic wraps. A ‘Snack Set’ has both a sandwich pocket and a snack pocket. Sandwiches do not dry out and cut apples don’t brown.

Try Utencil – a great all in one fork, knife and spoon that folds right up. Reusable and handy in a lunch-bag.

Quo water bottles come in 2 sizes. These silicone bottles are collapsible when empty. A great solution for those heavy backpacks.

Onyx stainless steel containers are fabulous in lunch-bags and picnic baskets – both Sprout kids use them and have for at least 6 years

Last but not least- PUR Potent Wow’s ‘No More Theives’ hand sanitizer. Essential oils formulated to clean your hands when you can’t wash them right away. Non-toxic and a great way to avoid all those nasty germs you know are coming 😱

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Stock up on these items before your camping trip!

Severin spent last weekend camping in Squamish and made sure to bring the whole Carina Organics line of body care. These products are made here in North Vancouver and are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

She also brought the Caboo wipes, again biodegradable and perfect in those camping situations when you have no running water.

We’ve got you covered at Sprout.

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Potentially one more blueberry pick!

Wow, the blueberries flew out of here. Thanks to everyone who made their pre-orders. We have a couple of 10 lb cases available as they squeezed out a few extra pounds for us. First come, first serve!

Ron says there might be a second pick of our favorite Duke variety in the next week or two. There other varieties available: Blue Crop & Liberty. They are not as large as the Duke, but are quite nice as well. If this is of interest to you let us know. We’ll start a list for the second pick Dukes.

If you’d like to pre-order for the next batch, please contact the store 604-983-6657 to put your name on the list and pay the $20 deposit. If the pick doesn’t produce enough, we’ll refund you your deposit.


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Olera delivers the best!

It’s always a happy day when our local farming partners at Olera call. We’ve got their delicious valley mix salad mix and the most lovely and tasty raspberries.

We have a long relationship with the Reid family who, along with their many siblings, have pioneered organic certification and farming practices here in BC.

These are wonderful people who do wonderful things for our community and the environment. 

Next week we expect more from the farm including:

– piccalino cucumbers 

– broccolini

-heirloom tomatoes

– cabbage


-green onion


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At long last, Blueberry pre-orders!

Blueberry season is here at long last. In the last two years, the blueberries have come so early that mid-July feels late. Organic berries (and most produce) tend to come a bit after conventional.

Here at Sprout, our favorite variety of berries is the Duke. Duke berries are the sweet, large blues that are legendary to the Warkentins. These will be picked beginning next week.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for 20-pound cases. I will be basing my orders on what has been pre-sold. Unfortunately, I do not have the space to store excess berries.

⁃    Pre-orders will need to have a deposit of $20. We can take a credit card over the phone to secure your order.

⁃    We want you to have the freshest berries possible, so your order needs to be picked up within two days.

Please call the store to secure your blueberries today!


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Please join us this Sunday at 1pm

I am so excited to share with you that on Sunday, July 2,at 1 pm, Rebecca Coomes from The Health Gut will be joining me at Sprout to do a live podcast!

Rebecca is the author of the world’s first Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) cookbooks, including SIBO Summer Cookbook and SIBO Family Favorites Cookbook. She is the host of the SIBO Cooking Show, which releases new cooking shows every Wednesday. She is also the host of the SIBO podcast, which launched in August 2016.

Rebecca runs a SIBO coaching program, working directly with people who have SIBO, taking them through her 5step method to help them achieve health and happiness. She regularly holds gut health workshops, is a speaker on gut health and SIBO, and guest contributor and blogger to health and wellness sites.

I know it is a holiday weekend, but I hope you will join us and meet Rebecca.

Check out her fab website and learn more about Rebecca, her story and how she can help you

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